Saturday, November 28, 2009

Become Your Own Portfolio Manager

There may be a good reason for people who want to be their own portfolio managers. Here is an article that may guide you to the right step.

"Ron DeLegge, Editor (Nov 25, 2009)

SAN DIEGO ( - Everyday more and more people are making a choice they never thought they would make: To become the manager of their own investments.

Among the top reasons for self-directing one's investments are greater control and flexibility. But there's one other very good reason for becoming your own portfolio manager: The potential for better performance.

Many academic studies show that during both good and bad times the vast majority of Wall Street's portfolio managers consistently underperform versus corresponding benchmark indexes. However, making the decision to supervise your own investments won't necessarily guarantee better results. To avoid the same type of market underperformance that characterizes most of Wall Street, you'll need to build your investments on the right foundation. Click here for more details."

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