Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nice gains for the last 5 days in a row

The markets regained the upward momentum the last 5 days and my portfolios were bounced back from the loss column. I decided to close all positions at today close and re-examine the strategy for the rest of this year.

In order to make it easier for me to run this blog, I decided to eliminate all the other portfolios but just to keep the Ocean Portfolio for simplicity. I will apply mixed strategies for entry and exit points. These strategies still are based on technical indicators which are available on any of the financial and charting sites such as Yahoo, Stockcharts etc.

The Ocean Portfolio was up about 1.8% as of today. It lagged the major indexes but it's all fine with me as an experiment. The rest of the eliminated portfolios were also doing fine and all achieved some small gains.

The Ocean Portfolio is all cash now and will see how the 2nd half of the year will do.

Out all positions before the close today

I have not updated the blog for a while and let the positions sit there. The markets have been swinging up and down lately and there is no clear direction where the market is heading. Today is the end of first half of 2011 and I will close out all the positions by taking the advantage of the recent market run up. I will evaluate and determine what my next move will be.