Saturday, December 18, 2010

New start for the New Year

In order to tailor to the new format using $100,000 as an initial investment portfolio, I deleted the 2010 portfolios and started 2 new one. Needless to say the portfolios in 2010 resulted a loss and that's what the experiment was about - learn from the mistakes, march forward and not to repeat the same mistake again. The mistake was not following the stops loss strategy properly and led to the bigger loss in certain positions. On top of that I had an error with the calculation on the trailing stop loss formula on the spreadsheet.

The 2011 portfolio will start with $100,000 each on the Ocean Portfolio and TSP Portfolio. Daily moving averages cross-over will be the primary indicators as the entry point. (refer to the strategy listed on the lower right-hand side of the page). Stop loss trigger will be using a combination of ATR, RSI, ADX and Moving Averages indicators.

There were small positions in both portfolios to start off the new setup.

Happy trading and have a wonderful New Year.


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