Friday, December 11, 2009

KaChing moved my portfolio to Facebook

I got the message from which they indicated that I can't no longer use their site to track my portfolio but instead they redirected me to Facebook. Personally I would not use Facebook for my portfolio tracking. I will figure how to track my portfolio in the next few days without KaChing. From their blog, I already saw a lot of unhappy users expressing their discontent comments.

Here is the message from KaChing:

"We are migrating your virtual portfolio to our Investing IQ App on Facebook.
In case you were not aware, kaChing has evolved into a marketplace where you can find great investors to emulate by mirroring their trades in your own kaChing brokerage account.
In order to avoid confusion between the marketplace and our virtual investing environment, we have decided to dedicate solely to the marketplace and our Facebook app (now called the Investing IQ App) to virtual portfolios.
If you would like to continue to manage your virtual portfolio, then please click on the link below, which will migrate your virtual portfolio from to Facebook.

Don't have a Facebook account yet? No problem. This link will allow you to create a Facebook account and immediately access your existing virtual portfolio.
Please email us at if you have any questions.
The kaChing Team"

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